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Roma St Park Wedding

James & Cat's Joyful Wedding Day

Married couple in Wedding Attire Smiling at Fingal Head, New South Wales

St Paul's Presbyterian, Bne

+ Roma St Parklands; The Grove Rooftop MAY, 2023

a lively, energetic and fun-filled day

Cat and James held their beautiful wedding ceremony in the stunning St Paul's Presbyterian Church, in the heart of Brisbane. The high ceilings and many pews in the cathedral allowed Cat and James to accommodate hosting so many special people in their life without the space feeling crowded. Their ceremony held almost 300 people, including over 120 friends that volunteered to help out in some shape or form.

They together orchestrated the brilliant idea of using the Church's courtyard to host an intermediate after-party, between the ceremony and reception. Friends chipped in and brought along cheese boards upon cheese boards to cater for the many guests. A gelato truck, three baristas, many lawn games and afternoon tea stands all contributed towards a summertime European vibe, despite the fact of it being an Australian winter. We scheduled almost two hours here, to just enjoying the guests, atmosphere, delicious bites and countless "congratulations".

bride singing live song jazz band wedding
Cat singing a surprise special item with her live Jazz Band

Cat plays clarinet in a local Jazz band. This Jazz band was thrilled to be able to play at her wedding live, after the ceremony. They played a repertoire of Cat & James' favourites. As a surprise, Cat performed a special item for James. These lovebirds are two peas in a pod, because James also wrote an original song, for Cat, that his friend performed at their reception later that night.

Sunset Brisbane city wedding couple at Wilson outlook
The Grove Rooftop, visible from Wilson Outlook

Originally, showers were forecast for the day, but friends and family prayed for blue skies and voila, not a drop of rain that day. God gave us a beautiful sunset, so Cat, James and I quickly ran grabbed a few pictures at Wilson Lookout Reserve (an iconic view of Brisbane). The couple visited this spot on one of their first dates and it's a special place for them. We could also see their sky-high reception venue at The Grove Rooftop, on the 32nd floor (the big, blue, shiny building... well that describes quite a few buildings in this picture). This was my first time at the Grove Rooftop. What a view. Also, the food is marvellous. When the venue doubles as a high-end restaurant, you know you're in for a treat. The pictures speak for themselves!

A huge 13-hour day filled with delicious bites, laughter and groovy vibes all around. Exhausting and exhilarating in the best of ways.

Wedding Couple at the Fingal Head Lighthouse

In the end, I'm so happy with how these photos turned out; I hope Cat & James are just as thrilled.

Happy honeymooning you two!














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