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Ancora Wedding - Tweed Coast

Chris & Angell's Highlights

Married couple in Wedding Attire Smiling at Fingal Head, New South Wales


What a beautiful day, location and couple!

As a Brisbane-based photographer, I almost forgot about New South Wale's daylight savings and nearly showed up to this wedding an hour late! That could have been a disaster, ahhh. Thankfully, Chris & Angell specified the time zone on their wedding run sheet ~

Wedding couple leaning against costal weatherboard wall at Ancora Weddings
Vibrant Bougainvillea popping against the coastal weatherboarded wall

This was my first wedding at Ancora and hopefully not my last! I'm such a fan of their minimalistic, coastal interior design choices. Modern. Boho. Chic. The high ceilings, natural textures and neutral colours were a dream to work with. The bougainvillea wall, beach house weatherboarding, mid-century modern breeze blocks and the rustic barn doors are spots I'd recommend taking photos at. The interior walls were clean and bright, naturally reflecting light; this is the first wedding where I didn't need to use an external flash during the reception.

Chinese Wedding favour and spiced Pickled Chicken for wedding reception
囍 Favours & Spiced, Pickled Chicken

Can't talk about a reception without talking about the food. The Mediterranean-inspired share plates at Ancora were delicious. There was quite the variety of flavour and textures. The spiced, pickled, fried chicken dish was definitely quite unique. Also, the 囍 ("double happiness" in Chinese) favours were super cute. They had Chinese candy / nougat inside, for those who are curious.

We were so stoked that we got sunny weather, but boy oh boy... was it WINDY at Final Head. Angell was wearing a stunning cathedral length veil that the wind had a rather rough dance with. Fortunately, Chris, and the lovely bridal party, were able to wrangle the veil. You can sometimes see hidden hand(s) holding the veil, in some sort of fashion, throughout most of the Final Head photos.

The extreme wind conditions did throw me off-my-game a bit (and almost literally off-my-feet at times, haha). I always want to make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves during photoshoots. The bridesmaids were freezing... hair, veils and fabrics of all kinds were flying everywhere... I must admit, I did feel a bit of pressure to speed up so we could be done and move on to the reception. We did a speed-run photoshoot, fuelled by sustenance of Ancora's food hamper, and captured the moments.

Wedding Couple at the Fingal Head Lighthouse

In the end, I'm so proud of how the photos turned out - despite the ferocious winds - and I hope Chris & Angell are just as thrilled.

Happy honeymooning in Korea you two!










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