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Underwood Park Wedding

Bella & Johnny

Johnny and Bella met through mutuals and had instant sparks. Underwood Park is a place that's special to the both of them, and they were thrilled to hold their wedding then. Johnny is proudly Samoan and Maori and Bella is Papua New Guinean and Kiwi. They added colourful, Islander features, such as lays, dance performances and the Haka to their wedding day. Make your wedding day personally your's.

This was the ultimate DIY, budget wedding that felt sophisticated, abundant and lavish!

With a baby girl on the way, Bella & Johnny wanted to keep costs down for their wedding and they did such a fantastic job.

Some handy ways to cut wedding costs that Bella & Johnny used:

- Facebook Marketplace is your Friend

From dried, flower bouquets to neon decorative signs, many like-new items can be found second-hand for a discounted price, and best yet, no one can tell the difference.

- Get Ready at a Friend or Family's Place

Bella had a lovely friend who lived three minutes away from the ceremony venue and was able to get ready at her place.

- Hold the Ceremony in a Park

This can be a tricky one... and is weather dependent. Fortunately the weather was stunning on the day. After contacting the council, Bella & Johnny discovered that their chosen venue couldn't be officially booked ahead of time. So, they had friends and family occupy the Pavillon in shifts on their wedding day to ensure it was available during the ceremony. These friends also doubled as decorators! Underwood Park has such a beautiful variety of locations, including a boardwalk on a vast lake and a zen maze garden (pictured below).

- DIY After-Ceremony Nibbles

Hit up places like Krispy Kreme, Costco, and your local fruit market, then get creative with presentation. All the table decorations you see in the pictures are from Kmart, super low-budget friendly!

- Hotel Buffet Reception

Every Islander Wedding I've been to has a fabulous buffet dinner, and this one was no exception. Bella & Johnny chose Hotel Richlands, which provided a private function room for their reception. A spectacular venue for under $35/head. What a savings.

Have other tips on how to a little save on your big day? Share them with us.




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