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Mt Maroon Surprise Proposal!

Aidan & Amanda

Mount Maroon Proposal at the summit of gold coast hinterlands mountain asian couple

This hike was the best and worst hike of our lives ⛰️💧⬇️

The Plan: hiking is so special to both Aidan and Amanda. Their first hike together was up Mt Maroon. So, Aidan came up with the brilliant idea of a surprise summit proposal. For months, I’ve been subtlety incepting the idea of a “girl’s hike” into Amanda’s head… and it worked! Amanda organised an Australia Day girl’s hike. Aidan was busy “at work”. Amanda suspected nothing. A simple send! Nothing could be too complicated from here on out… right?

The Proposal: … 37C. It was 37C. None of us anticipated the heat (not even Google). Aidan and his close friends had secretly ascended the mountain ahead of us (leaving BNE at 3am 😳) and set up the proposal spot. They were so efficient… too efficient and had to wait a whopping four hours for us girls to reach the top (we’d ventured dangerously off-trail).

By the grace of God, we finally made it to the top. Amanda was so surprised! A complete blindside: a success! Aidan performed his beautiful original song “Amanda” (clever title). It brought us all to tears (at points, I couldn’t even see what I was photographing due to my DIY waterfall). The views: 💯. The proposal: a hit. The people: amazing. ⛰️THE BEST HIKE EVER!

After the celebrations, survival mode began to kick in. The heat was punishing. Our water supply was depleted. We were dehydrated… delirious… desperate. The endless descent down the mountain began. Dry throats; cracked lips; weary limbs. Rationing our remaining 500ml of questionable third-hand water between eight people… I had never been so dehydrated in my life. A few friends started blacking out. Heatstroke had won. ⛰️ THE WORST HIKE OF OUR LIVES.

We finally made it down! After seeking water at a kind stranger’s home, we could finally replenish and reflect on the joy of the proposal once more (and had the strongest appreciation for water).

For these two precious beans I would do it all again in a heartbeat 💕 就是加入水

Photography challenge: shot only using the tiny #50mm18



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