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Brisbane Home Tea Ceremony for Social Media Shy Couple

Shot in Macgregor, Brisbane's CBD & the New Farm Bowls Club

hong bao red envelope for wedding gift with wedding rings and nine west shoes

This cute couple wished to remain anonymous online, so here's some creative, non-face shots of their special day. These two choose my premium 12 hour photography package; I was along the entire ride, from the early morning make-up and tea ceremony until lawn bowls at dusk.

Yes, you read that right. Lawn bowls. Instead of a traditional, seated reception, this couple decided to opt with something more fun and casual: lawn bowls. No lengthy speeches, awkward dancing and no open mic for an awkward family member to spill too many details. Just canapés, drinks, chats and lots of bowling. The only traditional thing about it was the cake cutting.

Speaking of traditions, the bride's side of the family is from Canton. So, to honour her heritage, her relatives held door games and a tea ceremony within the family home. First, the groom had to complete three "Chinese" challenges before being able to see his bride.

First, he had to use chopsticks to put beans into various small containers. Slippery, and no easy feat. With the help of a friend, he passed.

In the second challenge, the groom had to write the bride's full Chinese name calligraphy style. With some tips from the mother on brush strokes... and some hints, he finally passed this stage after a few tries.

Lastly, the third and final challenge was beating the bride's father in Mahjong. With the help of his groomsmen (and perhaps the father going easy on him), our groom completed all three door games.

Our couple had finally come to the first look. This moment is so special. Of course, a picture tells a thousand words, but, this time, this story will be kept between the two of them and myself.

So, here's some creative highlights from our anonymous wedded pair.

Shoes: Nine West; Dress: hand sewn by the groom's grandmother; Bouquet: Alba Roses. Cake: Kafe Cakes Sunnybank; Reception Venue: New Farm Bowls Club.


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