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The Spit - Gold Coast Engagement Shoot

Janu & Cheryl's Engagement Photo highlights at "The Spit" dog beach, Gold Coast

couple embracing at the spit gold coast dog beach at sunset photography

It was a cloudy, windy and miserable afternoon at "The Spit" (an iconic dog-friendly beach, hidden beyond SeaWorld at the Gold Coast). The skies were an ugly, 'millennial' grey, as the kids are calling it these days. Still, Janu and Cheryl had unshakable smiles on their faces.

We trekked up a hidden dirt path to get to the spit that I'd never travelled down before. The wild grass and desert-like environment was a fabulous backdrop with a 'countryside' feel, giving Cheryl and Janu some variety to choose from, instead of just beach, beach and more beach.

"The Spit": horrible name, beautiful place. I love shooting underneath the dock and having those parallel leading lines that act like a corridor pointing towards the ocean. Just as we finally made it to the beach after our trek, the clouds parted into glorious, vibrant colours. We quickly captured the hero image above. Such a pleasant surprise. Although the journey there was almost gale-force winds, the beach itself was low tide and calm. I love these low angled shots that catch the couple's reflection in the shallow ocean waters.

Janu himself is a photographer; these two were so comfy in front of the camera and knew how to pose. We had a fabulous time together, and raced the sun to reach the pier for some final shots before calling it a day... or rather night.



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