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Beauty in the Mundane

Liz & Lyle's at-home 15 year Anniversary Shoot, featured in Polka dot weddings

family in wedding attire cleaning house black and white

North Brisbane

Liz and Lyle wanted to celebrate their 15 years of marriage with an ambitious, zany and creative photoshoot.

Liz sent me this creative idea:

"We’re about to celebrate our 15th anniversary and I’ve been wanting to do a shoot with our wedding clothes on with a “fast forward” to all the things we now do in daily life - cooking dinner, taking the kids to school, cleaning the house, shopping for groceries... working out at the gym and our butcher shop... moving house! (done that one too many times...). It may be an impossible multi location shoot but I think it would be amazing."

So we came up with a few key moments surrounding their house, that represented "their unremarkable, everyday family life", such as rushing to get ready for school, helping the kids with homework, making the morning coffee, gyming together... all in their wedding attire!

As a wedding photographer, this shoot grabbed my attention! Marriage goes beyond the wedding ceremony; it's a lifelong commitment... and often, everyday life can be rather mundane, and there's beauty in that. What a way to celebrate 15 years of commitment.

Featured on "Polka dot weddings"! Check it out here.


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